Inspired Orthotic Solutions was established in Brighton in1988 and has since provided custom-made foot orthotics to patients from all over the world. The company is owned and directed by Jason Nichols, who completed his studies at La Trobe University, graduating with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Prosthetics and Orthotics).

    Jason is a member of the Australian Orthotic and Prosthetic Association and has continued involvement in professional development within Prosthetics and Orthotics to ensure the most up to date research, products and practices are being handed on to our patients. Jason specialises in comfortable foot orthotics.

    If you are looking for the alternative to conventional HARD foot orthotics, Inspired Orthotic Solutions offer the perfect solution; flexible, semi-rigid orthotics that feature a far superior level of comfort.

About Inspired Orthotic Solutions

Jason Nichols personally handcrafts all his custom made foot orthotics on site, using the most technically advanced and appropriate materials to suit the individuals biomechanics and musculo-skeletal problems. Your weight, muscle and bone development, existing and prior injuries will determine which materials are used to relieve your discomfort.

Inspired Orthotic Solutions services a wide range of individuals within the community, from very young children, teenagers, adults and elderly patients, right through to high profile athletes. We offer solutions for bracing at various anatomical levels, gait analysis and footwear advice.

What is an Orthotist?

An Orthotist makes and specializes in orthotics. Orthotists are allied health professionals trained in the assessment, prescription, manufacture and fitting of various types of orthoses. Their training includes consideration of the musculo-skeletal system as a whole with emphasis on entire limb segments.

Jason specializes in foot orthotics, although he is able to make braces for all parts of the body. This differs somewhat to a podiatrist who performs treatments for disorders of the foot. Being an Orthotist, Jason does not remove corns or callous, but can provided the relief for these symptoms once they have been treated.

There are a wide variety of prefabricated or custom-made orthoses for many musculo-skeletal problems. They are specialized devices and should always be fitted by a fully qualified Orthotist. By personally applying the most technically advanced and appropriate orthotics and braces,

Jason is committed to helping people feel comfortable and reach their goals. As a qualified prosthetists/orthotists Jason is recognized in the prescription, manufacture and fitting of custom-made foot orthotics, braces, compression stockings and Cam Boots for Work cover, DVA, TAC and SWEP clients.

For a consultation and Shoe advice, please call IOS on 9592 7000 or drop in to 226 Esplanade, Brighton.

Inspired Orthotic Solutions

For those looking for an alternative to HARD orthotics, Inspired Orthotic Solutions of Brighton offers the perfect solution: flexible, semi-rigid orthotics that feature a far superior level of comfort.


Inspired Orthotic Solutions
226 Esplanade,
Brighton, Vic 3186.

phone: 03 9592 7000